Live Life Leisurely


Racquet Club LA was born out of the desire to create a brand that highlights the best parts of a traditional country club for a more modern and diverse audience.

As a lifelong tennis player who spent my formative years running around the local tennis club, being surrounded by community members young & old forever imprinted on me the beauty of a hobby that can be enjoyed by all. 

When I moved back to Los Angeles from a couple year stint in New York, I threw myself into tennis to shrug off the seasonal depression I had brought back with me. After several months I looked around and realized I had formed several genuine and meaningful relationships with players many decades older than me who embodied such a simple and pure appreciation for life. I thought about it and recognized that these slow moments and deep laughs around a chipped, ancient bar were moments I had pushed to the side while moving a million miles an hour, something i'm sure many of you are guilty of as well.

So with this being said, I encourage all of you to live life leisurely. Enjoy those slow moments.

Welcome To A New Type Of Club

Any and All Members are Welcome

xx Sasha

Founder, Racquet Club LA